OURQuality Statememt

At IPRAM International, We have a strong commitment towards humanity for delivering quality products at affordable prices.

We have a firm belief, “Quality reflected in the finished products has to be created from the very start” We constantly plan, implement, monitor, and review the steps/procedures to improve on the quality of our materials, processes, equipment, and human resources. Our products comply with the high standards required by the authorities, institutions, and even more importantly by OURSELVES

OURQuality Management System

Ipram International complies with all the requirements of the latest version of the International Standard namely ISO 9001-2008 QMS. The very text of our quality policy depicts the quality approach envisioned by us viz.

We at Ipram International believe in manufacturing top-quality medicines. We are committed to achieving the highest standard through continual improvement in our system. We share these sentiments with people working at all levels in our organization and aim to satisfy our customers through our devotion and dedication.

We have well-grown Supply Chain Management system to enhance our customers’ satisfaction. Going even beyond this we, aim to exceed customer requirements while at the same time meeting all the regulatory and statutory requirements.