One of the basic objectives is to supply the best quality medicines in the shortest possible time to the people in need. Marketing & delivering the life saving medicines is a great hounor for our personnel at Ipram International. The Marketing and Sales team comprises of more than 60 young and energetic people who are highly qualified in basic sciences & pharmacy. The marketing skills are continuously upgraded by conducting special courses & Training Sessions.

Ipram International is getting ready for tomorrow. Every segment of the business is being refashioned with intend to dominate the generic market of the future. The company would like to retain its image even at it venture the other markets.

Review by Marketing & Sales Department

Ipram takes a wider view of the future as now we have the most modern state of the art. Model manufacturing unit to provide the requirements of making high-quality products more Accessible & AFFORDABLE to the masses of the country. This contains multitasking of activities most of them being simultaneously implemented.

Now there must be rationalization in management thinking. We need far greater clarity in business plans, the focus must be restated and the company must increase its presence in the area of branding specialty of the generic market.