IPRAM INTERNATIONAL is a national enterprise, a broad-based medical innovator, equipped with leadership in technologies and businesses across the boundaries of health care.

Our goal at “IPRAM INTERNATIONAL” is very simple; create value by providing the Best Medications to Individuals across the Globe and spread health with care.

We invest in our customers’ success by listening and finding ingenious solutions. When our customers succeed, we all succeed.

Expanding Our Reach

We are always looking for established companies across the globe to expand our reach with broad outlets covering countries/territories. Due to quality in our domain, companies from South-East Asia, North America, and West Africa have shown great interest and we are up-to the mark to establish our relations to potential buyers/distributors who do not sell cheap but have the expertise to market our quality products with success. Our doors are open for new distributors-come-partners to expand internationally but ethically.

IPRAM INTERNATIONAL has been exhibiting a massive growth in the Pharma sector of Pakistan, since its establishment. It has a clear vision, backed by definite plans, intended to export what is healthful, invigorating, nourishing and efficacious.

Our products are ubiquitous to almost all the regions in the domestic pharma market of Pakistan. In the last couple of years, IPRAM INTERNATIONAL has extended its distribution network to the international importers/distributors of several regions.

Currently, IPRAM INTERNATIONAL is in regulatory procedures and negotiations with many countries in order to qualify for an expansion strategy in relatively attractive market segments which includes the following regions:

Afghanistan, Myanmar, South Africa, West Africa, USA & CIS Region

Followed by the addition of many more countries to its portfolio, subsequently.

Our persistent determination and the will to explore international pharmaceutical markets carry us along to reach the touchstone, all-inclusive.

IPRAM INTERNATIONAL aims to deliver high-quality pharma products, at affordable prices, in every nook and cranny.

Any further information is required please don’t hesitate to contact us.