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Manufacturing Facility

A Caring Cure Ipram International is on the way of Prosperity/ Success/ Humanity & Flight of Falcon. To set the sight on getting simultaneous success in medicine & human Prosperity. We always Believe in manufacturing top quality medicine as per commitment to achieve the highest standardIpram International is a fast growing national Pharmaceutical concern. In its pursuit of quality and productivity, the organization is growing by leaps and bounds. The infrastructure of the Ipram International, Updating with latest machinery and equipments, qualified and experienced technical personnel, ISO certification, extension programmed and launching of unique dosage forms are ample proof of the successful future of our seemingly child organization. Only one and a half year old. May Allah shower his blessings upon us, Our organization and the people associated with Ipram International.

We at Ipram International started with manufacturing of injectables topical and dry suspension powders in year 2004. We started with Injectables manufacturing right from the very beginning. Not only cGMP, GLP, GSP is followed strictly in respect of production of all categories of drugs but validation of all equipments, machines, instruments and analytical procedure is also done regularly. Because of delicate and critical nature parenteral products are sterile and pyrogen free. Quality is built into them during each step of manufacturing The sterile area has been specially designed and provided with HVAC system using HEPA filters, laminar flow hoods, approved deionized, R.O and distilled water system. Decartoning, washing, non sterile area, sterile fowmulations, filtration, sterilization, filling, stoppering cum sealing and gowning facilities are isolated from each other and fitted with necessary control Instruments. The quality is built right from the procurement of raw material up to filling into final containers and packaging.

In Q.C lab we have microbiology section and LAL test is also performed to exclude any pyrogen from the injectables. There are separate instrumentation and analytical facilities and validation of analytical procedures are also done regularly. All the procedures are carried and supervised by highly qualified and experienced scientists. We excel with quality and aim at healing the ailing humanity with quality medicines of highest standard. We pray Allah Almighty to help us in achieving our noble goals.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of Ipram International is cGMP, GLP, GSP compliant and ISO 9001-2008 certified. We manufacture liquid and dry powder injectable, powders for oral suspensions and topical dosage forms. For this purpose we maintain highly sophisticated, automatic and semi-automatic, production and laboratory machinery and equipment. The highly qualified and experienced personnel is hired to run our manufacturing concern. The production, quality control, quality assurance, engineering and material control departments are working independently but in coordination with each other for continuous growth of our manufacturing concern with regards to quality as well as productivity.
Architecture of Manufacturing Facility
Architecture of Manufacturing Facility
We Have Complete HVAC System