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In the name of Allah the most merciful, who made the human being a super creature, blessed us with knowledge and give us the ability to start this Project.
After Allah, we would like to thank our parents who pray, encourage, and keep our confidence high and always keen to see their children on the top in every field of life.We welcome to you in IPRAM International whose strong performance and wellspring of skills will promise greater benefits to millions upon millions of people and their children.This website will acquaint you with IPRAM and provide you information about our Company, products, outlook, and programs devoted to health care access and corporate citizenship.Our national Pharmaceutical industry growing rapidly and serving humanity through its quality and cost effective products. In this regard, We are pleased to introduce our Company IPRAM International. In early 1998 we made a history by becoming the first ever private sector Company who manufactured unique products as per international standard in Pakistan. Provision of essential life-saving drugs like Ginbex (Ginkgo biloba) Capcidol (Capsaicin). We are a pioneer to establish these products in Pakistan. We achieved a milestone and established an international standard Pharmaceutical manufacturing unit in National Industrial Zone Rawat, Islamabad in 2004 and state of the art cGMP compliance plant started manufacturing. Being a modest human we always oblige as our moral duty to serve the mankind the best possible way. We are providing medication to medical camps & donations for deserving patients. May Allah be with us to perform this duty with more zeal & zest. We believe for the best quality of our all products
We are also very much thankful for our hard working, dedicated, sincere team of employees.
Our hardworking and dedicated staff is trying to make this Company as No. 1 pharma Company at the national level as well as international levels. AL-HUMDULILAH we have won 19th Export Trophy RCCI Award of "Out standing performance by Mian Muhammad Soomro Acting President of Republic of Pakistan