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About us

  • IPRAM INTERNATIONAL is a leading Pharmaceutical manufacturer company.
  • Based in Pakistan with its business expanding throughout Asian, European & African Markets.
  • After its establishment in 2004, IPRAM INTERNATIONAL has been recognized as the fastest growing Pharmaceutical Company in its earliest years.
  • It has been ranked among the top 40 companies.
  • We have a work force of more than 1000 professionally trained and highly qualified employees.
  • State of the art manufacturing facility.
  • Well-furnished Quality Control department with top of the line and highly sophisticated Equipment.
  • Motivated by a passion to succeed, our company is committed to generating the latest medicines and implementing state-of-the art equipment and technologies over a wide range of nutraceutical sectors in order to consistently meet the needs of our customers.
  • Market leader in Nutraceutical Segment with block buster brand Ginbex and in many other segments as well.